A welcome visit at the Everett Boys & Girls Club

Local Baseball Players & Club Kids-Everett-Event

Players take a minute to pose with Everett Boys & Girls Club members

Cheers and excitement filled the room as kids raced around the room in a entertaining game of kickball. Before the game, Everett Boys & Girls Club members listened attentively as Major League Baseball player, Travis Snider of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Minor League players, Steven Souza, Pierce Rankin, Geoff Brown and Kawika Emsley-Pai shared advice on how kids can practice healthy habits both physically and mentally.

Local Baseball Players-Everett-Event

Before starting the kickball game, the players take a few minutes to answer questions from the kids.

These players, who grew up locally in Snohomish County, took a few minutes to explain a healthy choice they had made to improve themselves. Travis Snider reminders the kids of the importance of looking out for others and challenges them to take time out of their days to do things for others. Kawika Emsley-Pai explains that leadership is not being the loudest in a group but instead is being the one who leads by example. Pierce Rankin encourages the kids to continue to respect their parents, mentors, teachers and coaches and treat others how they would like to be treated. “Without the counselors in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am and if I didn’t respect them, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am”, stresses Pierce.Local Baseball Players-Everett-Event

This event launched the start of the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation’s Healthy Choices, Healthy Children program at the Everett Boys & Girls Club. The program helps build character and teach critical life lessons through baseball and softball.

local baseball players-event-Everett

After the game the baseball players followed Travis’ advice in doing things for others by serving the Club kids dinner.



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