Club Life

Every month, the Program Directors from each of the Clubs throughout Snohomish and Island Countries get together to discuss program plans along with HYLA’s, which are High-Yield Learning Activities. These activities are designed to teach and enhance members’ abilities in Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship and Healthy Habits with fun experiences that are hands-on and interactive. Each month we will share with you a creative activity used at one of the Clubs.

For the month of December, The High-Yield Learning Activity is brought to you by Andie Allred, Program Director at the Everett Boys & Girls Club.


Everett Boys & Girls Club Teen Members posing as Andie Allred.

Family Portraits is a game focused on Performing Arts, designed for 10-12 year-olds. Participants are divided into groups of 3-5 people. Each group takes turns performing while someone from another group acts as the “photographer”. The “photographer” shouts out a theme for the kids to act out, like pirates,  an elephant or a student and the performing group poses in that position for the family photo.This activity enhances academic success by encouraging members to work together in a group and it teaches them to overcome inhibitions and helps to build their confidence by taking chances.