Congratulations BGCSC Youth of the Year and to all the Club YOY Nominees

Jai'Lysa with Mike, Marci & Eileen-BGCSC YOY

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County is proud to announce

the Youth of the Year, Jai’Lysa Hoskins!


Jai’Lysa Hoskins, of the Coupeville Boys & Girls Club, is a shining example of a young person who has made outstanding contributions to the Club and her community, and who has been an exceptional leader among her peers both in and out of the Club. She is a living proof that great futures start here.

Jai’Lysa will go on to participate in the Washington State competition held in March. State winners will each receive a $1,000 scholarship and the honor of participating in the regional competition. At this competition, the 5 regional winners will receive a $10,000 scholarship and go on to compete at the national level. The  Boys & Girls Club of America’s National Youth of the Year is chosen to represent the Boys & Girls Clubs of America as an outstanding youth and will receive an additional $50,000 scholarship and is honored by the President of the United States.

The Youth of the Year program highlights exemplary Club members throughout Snohomish and Island Counties. Each year, one Club member from each of the 17 Clubs is nominated to participate in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County Youth of the Year event held in February. Judges from the community review the Youth of the Year applications and chose the candidate that best exhibits outstanding service and commitment to the community and to the Club.

Thank you to our judges: Kandace Harvey-Stiffler, Harv Jubie, Bev Micallef, Kathie Morino, and Rock Peterson  who generously volunteered their time to be a part of this event. A special thank you to Anthony’s Restaurant in Edmonds for kindly hosting the event.

Great Futures really do start here! Jai’Lysa and the 13 other nominees have been extraordinary examples to their peers within the community and at the Club.

Coupeville Boys & Girls Club

YOY-Coupeville-Jai'Lysa HoskinsJai’Lysa Hoskins has been nominated as the Coupeville Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year because of her generous nature and positive leadership abilities as well as her commitment to community and the Club.

Jai’Lysa has been an active member of the Coupeville community, volunteering as a Sunday School teacher and at her church’s Vacation Bible School. She is also a Big Sister to a Little in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. At the Club she volunteers as a basketball coach and at community festivities; painting faces at Day for Kids Celebration and building boats at the Water Festival. She is involved in the Club Teen Program and Summer Camp.

As a Senior at Coupeville High School, Jai’Lysa is active in school activities. She is a cheerleader and earned the Wolf Award for most influential cheerleader. Jai’Lysa is also the Editor in Chief for the school yearbook and is a National Honor Society Leader. After high school she hopes to attend Eastern Washington University and aspires to be a counselor.

“My club has become a big part of my world, it has helped me experience things that kids my age would beg for.” 

Alderwood Boys & Girls Club

YOY-Alderwood-Kaitlyn EversKaitlin, a high school senior at Lynnwood High School, has been selected as the Alderwood Boys & Girls Club’s Youth of the Year. Her compassionate nature and positive attitude is evident when she is volunteering at the Club and in the community. She has been involved with the Club since she was in Kindergarten, 13 years ago and has participated in many club activities from volleyball to coaching and mentoring kids at the Club.

Kaitlin has been an active member of the community, serving 100 volunteer hours in 2012. She has knitted hats for the elderly, collected stuffed animals to give to kids in stressful situations and made blankets for the elderly.

In school, Kaitlin has been involved in volleyball, jazz band playing the saxophone and has earned many awards for her outstanding performance, creativity and commitment to serving others. After high school, Kaitlin plans to study computer science and bioinformatics. She is inspired by characters on NCSI and wants to pursue a career as a Forensic Analyst.

“Alderwood Boys & Girls Club to me means a safe and creative space, models to look up to, a chance to learn independence, leadership, life skills, and acceptance.”

Arlington Boys & Girls Club

Joe has been nominated as the Arlington Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year because of his outstanding personality traits and his ability to be a leader. Joe came to the Club 4 years ago when he moved to Washington State from Japan with his family. He has been actively involved in the Club has Junior Staff at Summer Camp and helping to run the Arts & Crafts Program.YOY-Arlington-Joe Zak

Joe’s commitment to community is evident in his volunteerism. When he is not spending time helping kids at the Club, he volunteers with his church’s youth ministry and at school fundraising events.

A freshman at Grace Academy, Joe diligently practices his trumpet for jazz band and is a natural athlete on the high school soccer and basketball teams. After high school, Joe has high hopes of attending the University of Oregon to study music, specifically jazz studies and musical performance. With dreams of becoming a professional trumpet player and recording artist, he knows that he must be driven and a hard worker.

“The [Arlington Boys & Girls] Club means a lot to me because this place has taught me greatly about having safe fun, love for each other, and patience”

Cascade Boys & Girls Club

YOY-Cascade-Kevin Burns III


Kevin, a freshman at Cascade High School is a great example of how one can Be Great. Since he first came to the Cascade Boys & Girls Club 2 years ago, he has continued to be involved in many activities at the Club.Because of his commitment to the Club and community he has been nominated as the Cascade Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year.

At the Cascade Boys & Girls Club, Kevin volunteered to help raise money for Boys & Girls Clubs affected by Super Storm Sandy. He is also involved in Torch Club and is currently the Manager at the Club Teen Store. His commitment to community is evident, specifically when he showed initiative by cleaning up the local park.

With his positive attitude and patience, he has been a great mentor for the younger kids and enjoys taking to teach them basketball. With his friends and other kids at the Club he shows maturity and personal responsibility by being a mediator and a liaison.

After high school, Kevin plans to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Ohio State University while playing basketball and he dreams of becoming a professional basketball player.

“The Club to me is like a home and a school. I learn stuff all the time when I got there and I meet new people.”

Edmonds Boys & Girls Club

YOY-Edmonds-Trey Clugston

The Edmonds Boys & Girls Club has nominated Trey as their Youth of the Year. He is an outstanding individual; he is a natural leader and positive role model to his brother and other kids at the Edmonds Boys & Girls Club.

Trey has been a positive influence at the Club as a Counselor in Training and then as a Junior Counselor at Summer Camp. As a member for over 5 years, Trey has been very involved in the Club and community. He volunteers at his old elementary school, Westgate Elementary, at the Carnival and at his mom’s school at the annual Math Night.

As a sophomore at Edmonds Woodway High School, Trey is involved in soccer. He is still deciding on where he would like to college but aspires to be an architect. He hopes to one day build a new building for the Edmonds Boys & Girls Club.

“To me, the Boys and Girls Club was a sign of hope.”

Everett Boys & Girls Club

YOY-Everett-Timothy Taylor

Timothy, a dedicated and caring Club member, has been nominated as the Everett Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year. Timothy has had to work hard as a home school student and has a strong commitment to continuing his education.

An active member in the Everett Club, Timothy is very helpful and volunteers to assist the staff in many activities. Whether it is setting up the volleyball nets, preparing for group games, gathering or calming the younger Club kids, Timothy always has a smile on his face. He has volunteered at his church, setting up and helping to organize fundraisers, such as food drives.

Timothy enjoys playing basketball at the Club and after high school hopes to pursue a degree in Recreation Management at Everett Community College.

“The most important thing the Club offers is a safe and comfortable environment for me to spend the day at the club.”

Lake Stevens Boys & Girls Club

Alexis “Lexi” has been nominated as the Bargreen Lake Stevens Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year for her dedication to volunteerism and leadership in school, the community and the Club.

YOY-Lake Stevens-Alexis Mulalley

Lexi has been a member of the Bargreen Lake Stevens Club for 8 years. As a natural athlete she has not only played sports at the Club but has also been an assistant volleyball and basketball coach and a referee. Outside

As a senior at Lake Stevens High School, Lexi played basketball and volleyball as well as volunteering as a referee in the community. She has volunteered in the Reading Buddy Program at Highland Elementary as well as being a part of the Big Viking Little Viking program. She is in the National Honor Society and earned the coaches award for Most Inspirational Player. After high school, Lexi hopes to attend Eastern Washington University and plans on studying nursing in order to be a Pediatric Nurse.

of sports she is a homework tutor and mentor for the younger Club kids. She volunteers at Kids Night Out, National Night Out Against Crime and Health and Safety fairs.

“The Boys and Girls Club means caring about others’ more than myself.”

Marysville Boys & Girls Club

Marysville Erick Cervantes YOY

The Marysville Boys & Girls Club has nominated Erick as their Youth of the Year. Erick has been an exemplary Club member through his respectful and patient behavior and in leading by example. Erick came to the Club 2 years ago and has been a welcome help. At the Club and during field trips, he supervises the kids as a Junior Counselor. He enjoys gym games, participating in Club Tech and working on computer lab projects.

At Marysville Pilchuck High School, Erick enjoys basketball, soccer and is active in Art and Spanish Clubs. He volunteers as an ambassador to new students. After high school, Erick plans on studying electrical engineering at the University of Washington and aspires to be an electrical engineer. He also dreams of having his own business.

“So what the club means to me was a place that if I was ever bored or when it is raining, it would be like a second home where I am welcomed, cherished, greeted, and loved.”

Monroe Boys & Girls Club

YOY-Monroe-Kalika Ross

Kalika has been nominated as the Monroe Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year. Kalika is patient, helpful and caring at the Club, where she has attended for 8 years. As a Junior Staff at the Club, she is welcoming to new families and has admirable work ethic whether it is helping the younger kids or doing administrative tasks such as filing or printing coloring sheets.

As a sophomore at Monroe High School, Kalika is involved in after school programs. Specifically, she is a leader in the Gay-Straight Alliance Club, GSA and S.A.F.E. Club which spreads word about accepting others and tries to prevent bullying. She is determined and focused on her passion which is writing. Kalika is very artistic and generously gives drawings as gifts to Club staff. After high school, she plans on studying literature at University of California, Berkeley and aspires to be a published author.

“The Club taught me that I should never write new people off or judge a book by its cover.”

Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club

YOY-Mukilteo-Mina Barakatain

Mina has been selected as the Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year. She received this honor because of her commitment to community and the Club and demonstration of patience, treating others respectfully and being a selfless leader.

When Mina first came to the Club 9 years ago, she was quiet and shy but over the years, with the given responsibility of being a Junior Staff, she has grown quickly in maturity and is generous helper at the Club. She is patient with the Club kids when she is tutoring and when she volunteers before and after school. She is involved in Torch Club and attended Teen camp where she volunteered with other teens to collect food and build benches for a local baseball batting cage.

Outside of the Club she is active in the community, in volunteering at the local library as well as in school where she is in her senior year at Kamiak High School. She is involved in choir and musical theater as well as Pre-Medical Club and Cooking Club. After high school, Mina hopes to attend Cornell University to study biology and chemistry and aspires to be a Pharmacist.

“My views on the world have changed drastically due to my experiences and the memories made at the Boys & Girls Club.”

Snohmish Boys & Girls Club

YOY-Snohomish-Kristyl Osborne

Kristyl has been nominated as the Snohomish Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year. She has been an exemplary staff and Club member with her high standards and contagious cheerful demeanor. With 2 years experience at the Club, she has been a welcome mentor and tutor to the younger children. She happily helps in the childcare program; organizing dance parities and setting up a silly day.

Kristyl is an active member in the community helping with multiple activities. She has volunteered at Ground Frog Day, Snohomish Easter Parade, Snohomish Classic Car Show, Snohomish Kla Ha Ya Days, Snohomish Kiwanis Auction, Weenie Wagon Fundraiser for the Snohomish Lions Club and the Festival of Pumpkins Event. She volunteers as a Panther Pal at the local elementary school. She has also earned the Snohomish Chamber 2010 Youth Volunteer of the Year Award for her outstanding service.

At Snohomish High School, where she is finishing her senior year, Kristyl is the President of the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America Club. After high school, she plans to attend Everett Community College and is considering studying pediatric nursing or education because she enjoys working with children.

“The Club has greatly impacted my life and has helped form who I am today.”

South Everett/Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club

YOY-South Everett/Mukilteo-YOY

Matthew has been nominated at the South Everett/Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year. As a freshman at Mariner High School he has already has developed a high level of maturity through leading by example, being considerate and sensitive to other’s needs.

As an avid learner, he was selected to join the Summit Program at Explorer Middle School School which lets gifted middle school students earn high school credits. After high school, he plans to study Biology and Chemistry at the University of WA and hopes to become a Chemist or Biologist studying cancer and AIDS.

Matthew has shown a strong commitment to community through volunteering through programs such as Teen Feed, which helps homeless youth in Seattle and repackaging food items for Food Lifeline Food banks and painting homes for Vision House’s Painting for a Better Tomorrow.

Since Matthew first came to the South Everett/Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club six years ago, he has continued to be very involved with Club Programs. He is a part of the National Teen Leadership Program, Keystone Club, the Teen Center and Teen Nights.

“The Boys & Girls Club is a place to play if you’re younger but a place to hang out with friends if you are older like me.”

Sultan Boys & Girls Club

YOY-Sultan-John Fisher

John has been nominated as the Sultan Boys & Girls Club Youth of Year. John expressed initiative by requesting to volunteer at the Club 2 years ago. The Club kids enjoy having John around because he is a good listener and a strong leader. He has volunteered as a coach for the Mother Goose Soccer League and helps as a homework tutor as well as teaching a cooking class at the Club.

As a junior at Sultan High School, John enjoys ASL as well as playing golf. After high school, he plans to study mythology at the University of Washington and aspires to be a Greek Mythology Professor.

“…This Club not only molds the kids positively and sends them in the right direction, but it also teaches the older ones, such as myself, a huge life lesson in responsibility.”

Tulalip Boys & Girls Club

YOY-Tulalip-Dustin Chrisman

Dustin has been nominated as the Tulalip Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year. He has a strong commitment to the Club and to the community and has helped start teen programs in the community. He is strong leader and has been a positive role model to the younger kids at the Club.

Dustin, a member at the Tulalip Boys & Girls Club for over 8 years, has been a reliable help at the Club; setting up computers and projectors, assisting in programs, cleaning, painting and helping with daily food programs. Outside of the Club, Dustin is a snowboard coach for the First Nations Snowboarding Team. He also started a Tulalip Multi-Media Club, TMC, with other teens which teach kids how to produce videos, take pictures, do radio interviews and basic set up and use of video equipment.

Finishing his final year at School Home Partnership Program, Dustin plans to attend Bellingham Technical College and aspires to be an Automotive Technician. He also wants to continue his passion of film making.

“The Tulalip Boys & Girls Club has been a positive place for to be.”

Congratulations to all of the Youth of the Year contestants!