The Monroe Blue Door is the newest member of the Monroe Boys & Girls Club.  It has it’s own Twitter handle and you will soon see it throughout the Monroe Community, showing up in our parks, gathering spaces and businesses.  Everyone is invited to follow Monroe BlueDoor on Twitter @MonroeBlueDoor and post your pictures on social media using #MonroeBlueDoor.

The Monroe Blue Door represents the opportunities that kids in Monroe have when they come to the Monroe Boys & Girls Club.  It represents the nearly 1200 kids that we currently serve and the nearly 7,000 kids within the Monroe Community.

The Blue Door represents the brother & sister who needed a safe and comfortable place to go before & after school because home was getting a little crazy with their parents going through a divorce.

It represents the opportunity given to Grace who was able to play on her first team sport last year.  It also represents the friendship she developed with one of her teammates that resulted in them working together on a science fair project, earning an A. The first for both of them.

Monroe Blue Door represents the opportunities our kids have to give back to their community.  Such as the kids that spent time painting and hanging red ribbons along Sky River Pkwy, informally changing the name to Red Ribbon Parkway.  Or the opportunity given to the Teens who have been partnering with the City to pilot the Adopt a Park program.

Blue Door also represents the opportunity that all of us in this room have to support the kids in our community either by giving a little bit of our time, sharing our talents or donating funds.  Simply shooting hoops in the gym with the kids or sharing your professional experiences with the kids can leave a lasting, lifelong memory for them.  By donating as little as $30 to the programs, you support a Teen for an entire year, giving them a fun and safe place to go after school.

If you would like to know more about the Monroe Blue Door or the Monroe Boys & Girls Club, I invite you to talk to me afterwards, or better yet, stop by the club for a visit.  You will be amazed of the opportunities available at the Club.  I promise!