Young girl with big smilePrograms

We offer our Club kids an array of fun and educational programs at all of our eighteen Clubs, as part of the flat membership fee these programs are available to all Club members. Our targeted programs offer young people new opportunities to learn and grow. We nurture our member’s individual strengths, helping them to succeed inside and outside of the Club. Read about the programs below and inquire at your Club to see what specific programs they offer. Learn about the schools we serve.

Academic Success: We provide support to kids to help them with their school work and prepare them for their future. We engage children in fun, hands-on activities to practice and learn reading, writing, speaking, math and scientific inquiry.

Good Character & Citizenship: We want each kid to become a productive, caring and responsible citizen; we offer several programs that are geared toward the development of good character and learning how to become a responsible citizen. These programs help kids explore opportunities to serve others both inside and outside of the Club.

Healthy Lifestyles: Our clubs provide multiple ways for kids of all ages to engage in fitness activities and learn about basic nutrition and healthy eating. There is a real emphasis on teaching good decision-making skills. Young people who develop healthy eating and exercise habits during their childhood and adolescence are more likely to maintain these habits.