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We offer a variety of sports from baseball, basketball, flag football, soccer, track and field, and volleyball. Through organized sports, Club members of all ages learn about team work, stay active and refine their motor skills. To find out more or sign-up for a sport, find your local Club.

For more information about individual Club sports click on the Club listed below.

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Snohomish County 2015 Spring Basketball

Schedules                                                                           Standings

Boys 4th Grade (Updated 3/30/15)                                            Boys 4th-8th Grade – Week 4 Standings

Boys 5th Grade (Updated 3/30/15)                                            Boys High School // Girls 4th-8th Grade – Week 4 Standings

Boys 6th Grade (Updated 3/30/15)

Boys 7th Grade (Updated 3/30/15)

Boys 8th Grade (Updated 3/30/15)

Boys 9th-10th Grade (Updated 3/30/15)

Boys 11th-12th Grade (Updated 3/30/15)


Girls 4th Grade (Updated 3/30/15)

Girls 5th Grade (Updated 3/30/15)

Girls 7th-8th Grade (Updated 3/30/15)