Trailside Boys & Girls Club is located at 1300 100th PL SE Everett, WA 98208 425.353.7871

Trailside Boys & Girls Club was established in 2007,  and the outside basketball court was dedicated and redone in 2013.

Trailside Boys & Girls Club is supported by the local business’s and individuals, and by Trailside Village Apt complex.

Please consider donating or sponsoring to our Club. Each donated dollar helps tremendously. Thanks you.

During the school year, this Club is an after school Club. The Club members each have a Club “card” and they use this “card” to sign in and out of the club. The Club members also sign in, and are excused at the time of closing or before.

The typical hours are Monday thru Thursday 2pm to 6pm and Fridays & Holidays/Breaks are 1pm to 5pm

Some days we may close earlier with notice, most notices will be at the sign in desk, Club front door, and the Trailside Village Laundry room public board.

Snow, Ice, power outages, etc, the club may close or close early, If the Everett School District is Closed, Trailside Boys & Girls Club will be closed.

This is a free after school drop in club for ages 6 years to 17 years old, we waive the annual $30 membership fee. Membership cards still need to be filled out.

All the Clubs here in Snohomish County run differently, with their times, costs, and late fee’s etc. Please check with each club on their policies.

Trailside Club excuses the children at the time of closing or before, so there shouldn’t be any late fee’s applied.

Some of the “Club” members, children may be ask to leave early if they don’t exhibit good behavior. So the parents always should be aware of other options after school. This should be treated as a privilege to attend, and we want it to be a safe, and respectful place for all the kids.;