Alderwood Sports

The Boys & Girls Clubs are well known for their sports programs and Alderwood is no exception.




MEMBERSHIP FORM FOR ALL SPORTS (necessary if the participant has not registered within the last year)
Membership Form 

Spring Registration Forms:

Spring Flag Football

2017 Spring Flag Football Flyer ALD


Spring Volleyball:

2017 Spring Volleyball Flyer ALD


Winter Basketball Schedules:


Alderwood Kindergarten B-Ball Schedule

Boys Schedules:

Alderwood Boys 1st Grade B-Ball Schedule

Alderwood Boys 2nd Grade B-Ball Schedule

Alderwood Boys 3rd Grade B-Ball Schedule

 Alderwood Boys 4th Grade B-Ball Schedule

 Alderwood Boys 5th Grade B-Ball Schedule

 Alderwood Boys 6th Grade B-Ball Schedule

 Alderwood Boys 7th Grade B-Ball Schedule

 Alderwood Boys 8th Grade B-Bal Schedule

Alderwood Boys 9th-10th Grade B-Ball Schedule

Alderwood Boys 11th-12th Grade B-Ball Schedule

Girls Schedules:

Alderwood Girls 1st-2nd B-Ball Schedule

Alderwood Girls 3rd-4th Grade B-Ball Schedule

Alderwood Girls 5th-6th B-Ball Schedule

Alderwood Girls 7th-8th B-Ball Schedule


Sponsor a team!

Want to support a team and have your company or organization’s name on the team’s uniforms or a banner hanging in the gym? View our Sports Sponsor Form for more details. Please contact Alderwood Club Athletic Director, Paul Keen, by email or phone at 425-774-3022 with any questions!