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Our vision is to inspire girls to succeed by cultivating their: good character and citizenship, career and academic success, and healthy lifestyles.

Our purpose is to engage girls by creating opportunities that develop a strong body and mind; foster leadership and community involvement; and provide access to career and academic resources.

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Why We Are Here

Young girls face enormous challenges every day; domestic violence, self-esteem issues, date rape, negative body images, depression. They often lack confidence, a solid support network, and role models to remind them of what is possible. Today, we are offering them a choice. With access to resources, female role models, and educational and life-skills experiences, we are creating a framework where they can explore career options, connect with their heroes, awaken the leader within, and pursue their passion.

What We Do

Extending girls’ support networks; providing access to mentors, role models, and the resources they need to succeed. To accomplish this, InspireHer has invited community leaders, successful women, local heroes, and icons to get involved— to inspire and help empower girls by:

  • Exposing girls to different ways of thinking about themselves and their potential impact on society.
  • Exploring employment opportunities and career paths that may otherwise seem beyond their reach.
  • Experiencing a broader range of programs in sports, health, and leadership designed specifically for girls.

Women move mountains in our society. InspireHer provides a format for women to play a role in transforming the future for girls. Their lifetime experiences, both successes and challenges, provide a window into their journeys and a clear demonstration of what is possible. Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County is inviting women to share their journey through mentoring opportunities, speaking engagements, and active involvement in programs focused on improving the lives of girls. We are inviting you to be part of the solution.

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Help create sustainable change for over 9,000 girls in communities across Washington State. Set the stage. Demonstrate what is possible. Support and encourage girls to celebrate exactly who they are, shine a light on their gifts and reach for their dreams. Make a difference in the life of a girl!

Interested in Volunteering?  Please follow this link and fill out a volunteer application.

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Upcoming Events: 
InspireHer Workshop Don’t Judge Me for Girls Grades 9-12 . This workshop will be presented with the assistance of the Snohomish County Chapter of the Washington Women Lawyers and will discuss how the legal system works and various careers in law. More information to follow.

InspireHer in the news: 
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