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We’ve grown into the second largest organization in Boys & Girls Clubs of America, serving over 29,000 kids in 25 locations and 9 schools, with more to accomplish. Our goal is to be number one—which means we’re succeeding in our mission to reach and help more young people.

We didn’t accomplish this alone. You helped with this success because you believed in our mission and provided the resources needed to keep open the doors kids walk through every day. The open door is key. Our kids arrive with different needs and interests, and our challenge is to create a positive and safe environment with a menu of activities that attract the greatest number of kids—regardless of their circumstances.

We accomplished this successfully despite a broad demographic membership and a wide geographic reach, as you can see in this annual report. We strive to keep our members safe, healthy, to successfully graduate and become productive adults. Proof of our success is our alumni. Many alums have been quoted in this annual report, and have become positive role models in their community.


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